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Week #1 Making New Shoes Prototype

| Making Prototype |

The unfulfilled need of our team was ‘Communication’.

We interpreted ‘Communication’ directly into ‘Conveying a message to other people’, so we tried to develop new shoes on which we can draw or write something.

We easily derived a conclusion on material which is a key factor – recycled white rubber, and removable markers.

In terms of the shape, boots seemed to be the most efficient choice to maximise our feature for its broad surface, but we also develop a more fashionable version with heel, and a different version with pocket and tags.


from left to right

Version 1. Standard type : White rubber boots with removable markers

Version 2. Fashionable type : (same feature with version 1)

Version 3. Pocket & Tag type

| Reflection |

I really enjoyed this process, in fact much more than interviewing people.

Brainstorming is my favorite design process, and it actually worked in our team. We derived the conclusion quickly, and developed different versions with consistent concept of ‘Communication’ which is, in my opinion, the best thing about our teamwork.

I love brainstorming, sketching, and especially making prototypes! I like the idea of using soft materials such as bubble cap that allowed us to think and make free forms without barriers.


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