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Week #2 Differentiation / Uniqueness

| Reflection |

Another exciting yet frustrating session due to the severe time limit.

1. Drawing round things.

I didn’t really know what to do at first, but now I think that was the part of the lessons as well.

Doing something without guideline or constraints was not familiar to me as I have always had loads of constraints to design something when working with clients. I used to try to convince clients to break those constraints to make it look better, or work better depending on the subject I design (product, service, or just concept itself) and that is what most designers find difficult. We tend to think that it will be much easier without those constraints, but I realised that it can be even harder  without constraints through this task. This sudden freedom confused me. I tried to find other key words related to the word given – round, circular – like rotating. So I drew  different forms generated from rotated line such as lamp, dish, bottle, cup, wine glass, etc. Then I found myself looking for some constraints by myself – restricted by the word ‘rotation’.  At the same time, the time limit was a big challenge for me as I tend to take time to think before doing something. I’m kind of perfectionist in some ways, and sometimes it drives me crazy. This task was good training for me to be quick, rough, and not perfect (You cannot be perfect anyway).

2. Appealing your uniqueness

It was a good opportunity to know a little bit more about every classmates.

What I have thought for a long time is that everyone is different because you’ve got all different combination of common features including personality, capability, environment and anything else that makes the part of you. This combination of common features itself can be your uniqueness. For example, speaking bosnian is not unique at all in Bosnia, but a Korean who speaks bosnian can be unique. If you narrow down to each feature, then you might be unique because you got some less common features than others. But I said ‘less’ because I think there is no absolute unique feature in the world. In the class, I said that I was wearing 2 color tights and it was unique in our class, but these tights were mass produced by American Apparel, and you can find it all over the world. (I bought them in a small city in Korea!) My point is that everyone can be unique, and everyone can be not unique. Just it matters whether it’s an interesting combination of less common features or not. I liked this session because it allowed me to reconsider about the uniqueness which is one of the key words in creative industries.

3. 1 minute presentation about YOU

Was it 1 min or 30 seconds? I don’t remember exactly, but it was the most stressful thing to do.

At my first interview for my first job, the interviewer for whom I worked for 3 years afterward, told me about ‘1 page proposal’ when I showed him a powerpoint presentation of 600 slides which was the result of the design strategy class of 4 months. (loads of diagrams of research results from different user research methods, and design concepts from the data). The point was to be concise and effective. This session reminded me this permanent principle to succeed in this industry. One good idea is better than 100 mediocre  ideas. I should have to draw out this one good concise point of me, but it’s much more difficult than to take time to explain who you are, isn’t it? Good lesson to be prepared for the real world after school.


It seemed to me that I was playing in a reality show on TV like ‘Project Runway’ or ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. I’ve always thought that I would never be able to do those crazy missions in that short time while watching it. But it’s quite interesting in fact (maybe because we are not doing THAT crazy missions yet), and I think it can be a good chance to improve my weak points – do not like to be competitive, quick, and confident. I’m enjoying this class so far!


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