Gin Kim

a journey to happiness

About me

I like everything that makes me happy.

  • food – I’m passionate about food. I love cooking, tasting, having dining experience in different places
  • nice but not exaggerated design
  • Reasonable price – Even though I’m designer, I don’t want to take advantage of design only to make more profit, because I’m also consumer in the consumerism society that you can’t avoid! (a little bit of contradiction here, I admit it)
  • Fairtrade & Sustainability
  • People, Interaction, Communication

I’m good at

  • Visualisation in 2D & 3D, especially for presentation
  • Making prototypes
  • Logical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Group Work – open minded, collaborative, responsible
  • smiling =)

You can have a look at my portfolio if you want.


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2 Responses

  1. matlemad says:

    I’m sorry about your accident with wallet… ask me if you need anything, I’ll try to help you as far as I can.

    I’m so sad we’re not in the same working group…… :((( hope there will be other chances!!
    kisses mat

  2. gin says:

    oh…you’re so sweet, thanks..
    And yes!! it’s sad T_T but we can hang out together as ‘Norbiton mates’ with Isara! Much more fun than work 😉
    Gros bisous-

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