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Last minute rush

I just started my blog today.

I know I’m late, and it’s totally my fault, but I might be able to give some excuses…

– no internet at home

It was supposed to work from this week, but it is still not working! (Now I’m in my friend’s house.) I’ve never been so desperate for internet in my whole life. Especially when you’re from a far east country where everything is really quick. If you apply for internet in Korea, it’s done in 2 hours just after you call them.

– quite busy with London Design Festival last week, and busy setting up my room this week.

London Design festival was quite cool, but after a whole week of seeing all those fancy stuff, I was a little bit fed up. (I’m going to upload a post about this soon). Then at the end of last week, (after a big party at Shoreditch, more precisely) I lost my purse. I literally lost every means of paying – cash, debit card, credit card, Korean debit card, oyster card and also student card… So it took me quite a time to try to find my purse – going to garage in Tottenham, calling them, then finally I gave up, stopped cards, and applied for new ones. I also needed to sort out things to set up my room as I have such a tiny room, and I’ve got no furniture to organise my stuff. (But I could finally finish doing it!)

Anyway, I’m happy that I started doing it, and I’d like to keep this momentum from now on because hopefully I’ll have internet access from tomorrow…?


bookshelf with perfect size I’ve been looking for for ages, and I found it at Wickes yesterday (only 12 pounds).


mini vases I bought at V&A last week. The last purchase with my debit card.


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