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Kingston Guide

These are more like ‘successful examples of city guides’ rather than competitors, unfortunately because there is no guide for kingston of this kind.

1. Wallpaper City guide


Picture 1

Picture 7

Price : £4.95

Target Group : Design conscious traveller (with budget)

Strong balance of all 3 Values

  • Viability – very clear concept for a specific target group, good marketing (edited by Wallpaper / Published by Phaidon)
  • Feasibility – good quality of paper, printing, graphic & layout, good selection of trendy shops, restaurants & hotels
  • Desirability – absolutely desirable with the cover of iconic & vibrant color for each city / easy to carry – small & light with good concise contents.


  • most of their suggestions are pricy despite of its good taste.

2. Moleskine City Notebook



Price : £12

Target Group : Designers, Artists, Writers, Any travelers who like to draw and write down

Again, strong balance of all 3 Values

  • Viability – It’s Moleskine!
  • Feasibility – Very well made notebook with precise maps. Useful organiser / planner for city tour
  • Desirability /Usability – It’s Moleskine again, timeless classic design, very good maps, translucent  stickies to help users mark on the map, blank pages to record the moment.

It’s more like city map + diary than tour guide.

3. Time out London

Picture 1Picture 3Picture 5Picture 8Picture 9Picture 11

Price : + – £10

Target Group : Various / Mass public / Local people

Various kinds of guides for various groups. It has maybe the best viability in terms of popularity & accessibility (can be found in any bookstore) but less desirable than other two examples above (in my point of view)

4. Other guides


City guides which are focused on one specific subject.

Price : £10 / £9 / £19 (original price / from left)

Maybe less viable because of the limitation of the target group but maybe more desirable because of that and rich contents on one subject.


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