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Week #5 Activity Theory Model

In order to have a successful business, what do I need to know or have?

>> Creativity, taking risks, open mindedness, well-structured system/management, teamwork, collaboration, quick decision with good taste, concise and effective visual presentation, philosophy, clear aim & purpose, nice visual identity (CI, manual), emotional-practical approach, leadership, passion, fun, communication skill(verbal, visual, commercial), network, welfare, reward,…

These are what I’ve written down. Unconsciously, I was thinking about my own experience at work, for example, what I wanted to be changed about company or my boss, and what I thought that was important. Consequently, when I applied this result to activity theory model, it was all about tasks & roles especially for a design company.

  • Provider: Gin Kim (Design Company)
  • User: 0
  • Constraints: 3
  • Community: 1
  • Roles: 15
  • Objects: 2
  • User needs: 0
  • Total: 21

Obviously, my result is focusing on ‘roles’ neglecting other elements such as constraints, community & objects. Through this analysis, I realised that I have a relatively narrow/biased point of view toward business. As we weren’t given a specific kind of business, I naturally focused on how to make a successful design company as a designer without thinking of other elements. Then again, I thought that the group work with different people of different background during MACE course would help us approach to a business with a holistic point of view. ( I was very impressed that Seb who was sitting next to me had a very long list of constraints when I have only 3 of them. )


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