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Week #5 16 Oct. reflection of the day

1. Learning Style Assessment

This questionnaire seemed simple but tricky. I wasn’t sure if the aim of this assessment was to know our learning style or if to test the questionnaire itself, because the questions looked all same or similar with slightly different words and expressions. The more I answered to the questions, the more I was confused about what I really am because I knew that these questions are asking the same thing, but I was answering differently.

2. Team Presentation

It was interesting to see that each team had all different characteristic and direction even though it’s only been 1 week that we finalised our teams. Some teams seemed to be very organised and some teams looked more flexible. Some were serious and some were having fun. I liked this diversity of teams and I’m really looking forward to seeing our final products!

3. Design thinking process and Systems analysis

I liked the idea of analysing and dividing categories in order to consider every elements of business, although I struggled to understand the diagram at first.  I agreed with Corrine about the optimistic vision of a hot dog seller relying only on the quantitative respects. Even if you nod and laugh when you listen to this story of a hot dog seller, you tend to see only the bright side and make similar mistakes when you do your own business. It was a good opportunity to realise that I haven’t considered each elements equally, and I tend to focus on ‘roles’ rather than other elements.


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