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Week #5 Making Prototypes!!

I didn’t know that 10 min was such a short time….

(Materials : Local newspaper, brochures & maps from Kingston Tourist office, Color paper, boxes, etc)

Time’s up!
(10 min later, 12 prototypes)

I was simply amazed that we had 12 prototypes in 10 min while I managed to make only one… As my background is in design, I tend to pay more attention to details which is sometimes good and sometimes a drawback. In terms of the type of the guide book, I had a clear image in mind which is conventional book style. So my process was like this :

  • conventional book style
  • decide the size concerning the compatibility with postcards
  • slip to put mini map & other papers
  • tap to help find the page easily
  • Manufacturing price



After comparing with other prototypes, I realised that I was trying to design an actual guide book rather than to test different possibilities which is the aim of the process. Other team members, on the other hand, seemed to be more free from the conventional idea about guide book which leaded them to making more interesting, inspirational prototypes while I was stuck with feasibility, usability and price factor.


Christina : Very productive, Break the fixed idea about the guide book


Pinar : Practical, Convergence of functions (oyster card pouch, straps, pins, picture, etc)


Yvonne : Decorative, Fun, Practical ( Voucher slip, Mirror on the back)


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