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Week #6 23 Oct. Reflection of the day


1. Storytelling

Started with very interesting & impressive videos. Above all, ‘the girl effect’ was the most impressive one which was goosebumps-inducing. It was just amazing to see how they cooked the text and the music to make people immersed in simply by controlling size of the text, speed, and layout. It was simple but powerful and persuasive. All these videos helped me have a clearer idea about storytelling, and reminded me how effective they are to convey messages.

Picture 11


2. Video lecture of Tim Brown, IDEO

During almost 1 hour lecture of Tim Brown, my brain was working so hard to get his idea, digest it and question it that I had headache after the class.
Anyway, to summarise it :

Innovation Through Design Thinking

  • We believe that companies which view design as just making things cool or pretty are missing the point.
  • Design thinking can be used to tackle a wide range of creative & business issues.
  • For many companies, design thinking is the way that they create their future.

Picture 21
The interesting stuff often shows up in the intersection.
(Now I can say that I won’t forget this diagram forever.)

Picture 22
3 Phases for Design thinking :
Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation

Picture 27
1. Inspiration : It starts with empathy.
Empathic Methods – Cognitive, Emotional, Physical

Picture 29
1. Inspiration
Analogous Situation : ex. hospital –> F1 garage (Interesting!!)

Picture 35
2. Ideation
Prototyping : Prototyping don’t have to be physical, but they must be tangible. (3-day service prototyping example)

Picture 39
3. Implementation
Storytelling : Sometimes the story is the end result.

Picture 45

To conclude :
Picture 50

Et voila!

I watched this video again & again at home, I finally got the whole structure of the lecture that I couldn’t see during the class. This lecture reviewed and synthesised what we’ve learnt from corrine so far which was very good. I had some questions arising about IDEO as one of the biggest design agency and its work and I tried to clarify them but it was hard to get the immediate answer. For example, ideal design process vs. real situation happening in most design agencies, right design vs. remarkable design, etc. Hopefully, I’ll post what I’m thinking about these questions soon.


3. Put 2 wrong things together! Brand + Product

It was a short session at the end of the class, but it was interesting to share the wicked ideas of mace students such as my little pony butcher shop, durex pregnancy tester, muji coke, etc. It was fun, interactive and also inspiring. It will be a good way to change the atmosphere when you are stuck with something during brainstorming.

It was interesting to watch videos of other teams and to see how they approached the same task differently. It seems to show each team’s identity & characteristic. Even though there are some technical problems to upload these videos, I like the idea of making short videos to express our ideas and to share it effectively (Video is way more interesting than text!).

Even though I was dizzy at the end of the class, it was one of the best lectures so far as it was interesting, intensive, informative and interactive.


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