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Week #6 Divergence vs. Convergence

Last week, we decided to do empathic methods on ‘Kingston Guide book’ because it seemed to be the most suitable object for the task as being the only tangible idea among the others. At first, I was quite confused and it seemed to me too early to make a choice because when we did the presentation about our team during the lecture, we were asked to present our direction of business rather than a specific idea, then to do the assignment we had to have a concrete idea to test. For me, it seemed to have certain contradiction there. I suppose that most of us have felt somehow a pressure at that moment to have a concrete idea apart from the teams who already got one.

Picture 9-1
We made a choice last week. That’s it??
(Image from the lecture of Tim brown on TED)

However, after we did the empathic methods & prototyping, one thing I’ve learned was that this process actually helped us have a wider and more critical view on market & audience in general. It leaded us to review the kingston guide idea critically and discuss other possibilities as well.

I love brainstorming with our teammates!
(Evolving ideas about Kingston guide, link to the jumpar blog for more details)

Another possibility : Prototypes of cardboard furniture

Picture 9-2
This is what happened in our team from last week.
I think this diagram can be repeated again and again throughout the whole process, what do you think?

Even if this pace of assignment doesn’t seem to fit exactly with our speed of divergence & convergence, I think that every task will help us somehow to improve and build our ideas, and we shouldn’t be rushing to a definite idea. I’m sure that as we try different methods and tasks every week, we will have more interesting, more remarkable, or more right idea that would work in the real world. IDEAS EVOLVE!!!


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