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Week #7 30 Oct. Reflection of the day


It was the happiest class ever with macers in halloween costumes and cupcakes (Thank you Alice)!
Starting with award winning team videos, I was stimulated by  other teams’ effort, passion and great attention to detail (Student food magazine’s storytelling video to be precise!). Those videos made me think about our product and process, and want to do more market research.

Then I liked the session of ‘expanding idea from default setting’ by reduce it to a simple function. This method seem to be logical yet inspiring by dragging your attention out of a fixed idea.


Quick & Dirty prototyping


Trying some different prototyping methods such as role play was fun especially with halloween costumes (And I was pumpkin….). I was a bit lost while making prototype of a lift control with post its because for me, the description was still vague. (How many floors? Interface design or panel design? control inside the lift or outside the lift? etc)  So I was still confused about what to do when we were asked to discuss with group members without talking or without watching etc. Then I understood that it was more about interface than panel design after Corrine’s example, but it was too late to discuss my idea in group. I think the time limit is the biggest threat for me for any kind of task. Generally I hate rushing when I’m thinking and I rather enjoy time pressure when executing or visualising ideas because it helps you concentrate. Anyway, prototyping is still my favorite process, and I wished we had time to make some more prototypes on our own ideas during the session and discuss about them with Corrine. Hopefully we’ll be doing that next week.



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