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No, no thank you

To be honest, I hate interviewing people. Talking with strangers is something I wasn’t born with. When I was young, I couldn’t even call for chinese delivery food. When I just started working, the most difficult thing was to talk on the phone with clients or anyone. I was forced to overcome this while working as a project coordinator who’s supposed to talk a lot, a lot, a lot with people. Then I quit my job, and I was truly happy that my phone wasn’t ringing any more. The reason why I’m talking this irrelevant story is to tell that it needed a lot of courage to interview all those people I met in Kingston hill & Knights park.

While developing our idea of Kingston guide, I realised that I need to talk to people, but interviewing people was one thing I really wanted to avoid. Anyway, I did, and now I’m proud of myself. Luckily I met a lot of my friends, and I could interview some random people as well (who actually asked me if they can film me for their project, then I filmed them =). I really want to thank all of my friends and other kingston students for happily being taped, and answering questions. Also I’m happy that I feel a little more confident about interviewing people especially in english and I feel more familiar with video editing software thanks to this course, even though it took me 6 hours for this 1 min video. I would never be bothered doing this if I didn’t take MACE course.

Also, I want to thank mace mates for laughing after ‘no, thank you’ which is the best part of the video, I think. I want to make a guide that can even convince him to buy!


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