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Week #8 7 Nov. Reflection of the day

I was happy that our team was the first one to present as we might have had a little more time to get feedback from other mace students as well as Corrine. Corrine’s feedback about the number of editions and the contents was very helpful because it was the first criteria to decide to save our time and efforts. Also I was pleased that people seemed to understand and like immediately the idea of passport as it means that it might not be a generic guide book but something interesting to drag people’s attention (hopefully…). The feedback from the student food magazine team was very precise, and somehow cautious about competition between us. Personally I’m really looking forward to seeing student food magazine, and I’m sure that I might be a enthusiastic customer of it! I regretted that I put some provoking sentences such as ‘do you know Jamie’s restaurant, or the best thai restaurant’ which might have made them feel uncomfortable which I didn’t mean it…

Anyway, it was really good to have an opportunity to present our idea and receive feedback so that we can improve our product and believe in our product (which I think, the most important part of the day not only for our team but also for other teams as well thanks to great constructive feedback from Corrine & class). After our presentation, I could enjoy other teams’ presentation comfortably. It was interesting to see that every team has different product, different perspective, and different style of presentation. Personally, I really enjoyed the presentation of Kingston United & Student Food magazine as always because they always seem to have fun! But every presentation was good and I was quite impressed about how Corrine and the class give feedback because she & we were there to help improve our ideas, not to judge them- which can be the most case as I have experienced.

My role in our team will be design as ever, and I think I will also deliver the perspective & the point of view of international students about this guide as being an international student myself, and having quite a lot of friends from different countries, doing different studies in Kingston. I feel a little bit of pressure as my idea became a starting point of our team business. But I know that we are great team, and we can do it!


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