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Week #9 13 Nov. Young Entreprise veterans!

November in general wasn’t my favorite period of the semester.
To be honest, all these registration, business plan, and finance things seemed so tedious and boring for me…even though I’m aware that those things are exactly what I’m missing and I need to learn.

Anyway, there were two nice and kind gentlemen from young entreprise to explain how it works and to answer the questions. It was interesting to listen some other previous cases but when the discussion came to ‘finance & fund raising’ part, it became more and more confusing, and at the end it didn’t make sense to me any more… We even made some jokes during the break time among mace smokers that it is ridiculous that we can’t invest money more than 10 pounds( I don’t remember exactly, and I’m still not understanding exactly how it’s gonna work… but remember that it was ridiculously small amount of money. what are we supposed to do with 50 pounds??)

I got the point that it was to prevent the risk to loose too much money of students, but then again, that is the very core part of business, isn’t it? Then as we talked more about ‘DON’Ts’ than ‘DOs’ for example, the sector of business etc, it was very easy for me to loose focus during the lecture…(I know that it’s bad but I couldn’t avoid… )

However, the very interesting thing that I remember is that they mentioned a group of students who made a kind of kingston guide like ours with a lot of advertisements, to raise money (I remember that it was almost 2000 pounds purely from advertisements) and invested to do their real business project. It sounded great, then the food magazine team said that they couldn’t get any advertisement from the local businesses and I assumed that this is probably because those local businesses already paid last year for that group, and didn’t see any advantages from it, and of course also because of the whole economic climate. So it was the most interesting yet depressing point of the day =)

(Wow I’m quite impressed by myself that I’m remembering quite well about things happened almost 3 months ago 0_0 Go Gin Go!)


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