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10 Dec. Trade Fair

Trade fair ideas

– Passport Cover (Corrine’s Idea) : didn’t seem to be sellable as we haven’t got any contents yet…
– Stuffs like for flea market : doesn’t represent our business…
– Christmas Decoration (Corrine’s Idea) : good!
– Pocket Hot pack : as it was so cold…

Then Pinar had a friend who sells handmade leather goods so we had a back up plan to sell them.

However, as it’s the trade fair where we can promote our own business, it seemed more proper to sell something related to our business, or something make people remember our business.
From the idea of Christmas decoration, me and cristina thought that it would be good if we can make some laser cut accessaries (plywood / perplex ) either for decoration or for a necklace using our icons! As I had an access to workshop at Knights Park and could get some materials, it could be possibly free to make them apart from time and effort. But unfortunately it was very busy period at workshop that every art and design students were finalising their project, so couldn’t get a chance to use the machine even if we stayed there all day long asking people around to use the machine for a  moment.

Eventually I printed some business cards, and pinar brought lots of stuff. But as it was quite expensive for students, we couldn’t sell much things… However, we did our best, and it was a nice try. I want to make those  laser cut accessaries anyway when I have a free time, and when the workshop is not busy! 😉


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