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Week #11 27 Nov. Finance Finance Finance…

Yes in my memory, this day was the most tiring day of all throughout the semester.

Since we had a debate in the morning for the creative issue module, and I didn’t sleep at all to finalise the presentation file, then fortunately our group had the debate that day, I felt relieved and hence very very tired in the afternoon… then what was waiting for us was FINANCE…which is quite hard core finance for me comparing to the one of Corrine’s last week lecture. It was such a shame that I couldn’t really understand  what Catherine was talking due to the lack of sleep as she seemed really brilliant and tried to explain it in a simple way. But still, I felt that 2 hour session is not enough to cover what we need to know about finance (of course) and it would have been better if we had example cases so that we can calculate by ourselves instead of role playing. Role playing was definitely interesting and I was quite impressed about Wendy who dealt really well with the negotiation that I would never be capable of. Also it showed how the small loan works in the UK in a very simple and clear way, but as it is only the little part, I hope that we will have another in depth session of finance even if I know that I would not enjoy. Bitters do good to the stomach!


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