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a journey to happiness

Week #12 4 Dec. Dragon’s den! Best Branding team, yeah!!! thank you Corrine :)

I didn’t know what Dragon’s den was until it started. Again, I haven’t slept at all for the presentation file because I tend to take too much time on tiny little details… But that inefficient effort while being very sick was rewarded when Corrine nominated our team as a best branding team! 😀 Also, during one to one consultation session, we got very positive feedbacks from dragons : one dragon said that it was a very good idea especially for international students like her, and the other said that he didn’t choose us simply because he knew that Corrine will choose us, otherwise that it’s good. Both of dragons gave some very good practical advices and especially Corrine’s advice of making an electronic version of guide so that people can download and print seemed more realistic than our initial plan to make a printed one. It was a good experience to give the presentation of our holistic business plan – from concept to marketing plan, to people who haven’t known our project and to receive feedback from them. Very encouraging session!


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