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Week #13 11 Dec. Last class before christmas, Secret Santa, Branding

Finally the last post for the last year! (But I’m not sure if there is any point of doing all this NOW…) Well, actually it’s very me to be lazy then start to do all of a sudden at the very last minute torturing myself. Whether it is worth doing in terms of assessment(?) or not, I feel quite good in a way as I’m recovering my momentum of feeding my blog. Anyway, my painful memory track back is getting easier and clearer. yupi!!

After submitting bl**dy essays (my first 3000 word essay in my life!), I felt just so good. It was like taking off 10 kilogram backpack.
Also the gifts were waiting for us as we arrived at the classroom, everyone seemed happy. (It was also my favorite macers, Isara & Pinar’s birthday!)


This week’s topic was ‘Brand’! I’ve been waiting for this lecture for such a long time, as I thought that we are missing ‘down to earth, commercial’ part of our products while focusing on ‘Innovation’ even if branding has so much power on success of the product. Also, all about Brand is always FUN such as background stories, histories, and concepts. We’ve been through very well known examples such as Apple, and Nike, then talked about the ‘culture’ factor of brand. The beauty of Corrine’s class is that it’s fun! It was the funniest and the most hilarious class ever when Corrine asked Matteo, Steffen, Harry to react in certain circumstances during football match, and Seb played the Kebab shop owner. Also it was the first time that I heard so many different national anthems on one day – I’ve never heard of most of them except American in my life, and it was so different. I like this quite dramatic shift of ideas, examples that Corrine used to give such as this because I would never be able to relate national anthems or football game with cultural factor in Brand.

It was also good to have a look at Corrine’s work which seemed very professional and good. I liked the strategic approach of her for each brand while many designers tend to forget about it, and produce looking-nice, and trendy one. The logo, the first thing people tend to recall when talking about brand, is so small but contains so much ideas and stories in it. That is why I love it and although I’m not capable of being a pure good graphic/brand designer, brand is definitely a fascinating area for me.

Very good class on very good timing!


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