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Week #1 15 Jan. First MACE class in 2010!

New start with full of energy, hope, and joy of rejoining amazing maces!

It was great to see Catherine on the first day of the semester as we finally have our course director! Most of us have been experiencing quite a lot of administrative problems such as missing specialist modules on study space, so it was already a good news for the new year.

We had a quick introduction time for Catherine, but it was interesting as we were asked to tell what we want to be in 5 years of time rather than telling the same thing that we’ve done at the beginning of the course, so everyone’s knowing. Also, it was quite thought provoking test, as I always tend to live today not the future (one of my core problems). What will I be like? what do I want to be like in 5 years?…

“I will be working with my friends (friends back in Korea, or MACES) happily and enthusiastically as a small design consulting group in a humble but nice and cozy area. Our studio will be where we work, where we cook, and where we throw parties! We will be working very very hard to open a small cafe/restaurant near our studio. Last but not least, we will have 2 months of vacation a year.”

Well, I think it’s a very possible scenario apart from ‘2 months of vacation’. But this shows my will of not wanting to be the pet/slave of clients that I used to be and of being full of ‘Joie de vivre’!

It was also good to hear that we will be organising field trip to agencies or companies we want to visit. I personally want to visit the Conran group to see how they manage to run all those various businesses such as restaurants, retail shops (The conran shop), book publication, and design studio. Also, I would like to visit and see how they work at Jasper morrison’s studio in Shoreditch even if I visited only their shop and could see roughly the office from outside. It will be also a good occasion to have a nice Vietnamese food there. 😉

About drawing whatever related to circle, it was again interesting but seemed a bit repetitive for me. I understood the aim of the task but as the actual doing was the same, it was somehow less interesting part of the day.


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