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Week #2 22 Jan. Leadership Session 1. We rocked!

Miguel’s back!

During the induction course, I found it very hard to participate in the debate that Miguel encouraged us as it was somehow too conceptual for me and I couldn’t figure out his intention of where he wants to drive us to.  At the end of the day, I had a headache and I assumed that it must have been a language barrier, or a tension I had about the new circumstance. Then after this week’s session, I realised that the reason for my headache was more  of Miguel’s debate than a language barrier as  I had a exactly same headache after the class.

However, it was interesting to talk about creative leadership from the different point of view which is ‘Narrative / Storytelling’. Well, he also talked about the conventional concepts of leadership, but it was obvious that he has a quite negative point of view about judging a person as a good leader with these conventional criteria. I agree with him but at the same time, it could have been better if we discuss about it after having a considerate look at these conventional approach which must have been researched for a long time. Especially after having worked with quite a ‘special’ boss for 3 years, I’ve been always wondering about what makes a good leader in creative environment. Well, my boss was a good leader in terms of storytelling as he knows how to sell himself and attract/allure people (clients), but for everything else but that point, there were considerate amount of problems among him and the rest of designers or even with clients. So can we really ignore those conventional qualities that define ‘a good leader’? Also, the examples given were all well known politicians such as Obama. So I was wondering if this theory of narrative can be applied for infamous yet good leaders (well ‘good’ is quite a vague adjective but let’s say ‘considered as good leaders’) all over the world. I guess  It doesn’t seem to make sense for them. Or I’m not fully understanding his point which is very possible.

Anyway, after a short lunch break we were asked to do ‘A one act leadership play’ and our team had free theme (yeah!!:) ). We came up with an idea of a rock band whose name is ‘MACE in Faces’ performing in a TV show such as X factor so we can describe different kinds of leaders

– Vocalist : Generally the leader of the band as they tend to be exposed the most, and to be loudest as well.
– Drummer : In this role play, drummer was a quiet, hidden but real leader in the team.
– Judge : an absolute power / authority in the industry

Narcissistic leader?

(hidden) Supportive leader?

Amazing reporter! MACE in Faces without AC is then ‘ME in Faces’… lol

Judge : an absolute authority in the industry.

Well, we had a lot of fun, and I was simply amazed how our team members are good at acting. I also realised AGAIN that acting is definitely not my thing…. pffff


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  1. Jack says:

    편집 쩐다!!

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