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Week #3 29 Jan. Leadership 2. egg, myth, and oranges…

The morning session was led by Alia about her own project, research process, and also the types of leaders. And we were asked to express the given type of leaders using any kind of creative means – play, performance, sculpture, etc. We were given 30 min of discussion + preparation time, and our theme was ‘natural born leader’ (it had more professional name but as it was professional I forgot…). Basically it’s a type of leader who was born to be a leader such as nelson mandela or Jesus. So we brainstormed and these are the keywords we drew out.

– DNA, Jesus Christ, Queen Elizabeth, Lion King, Lincoln, Hitler (well, we got a little confused between narcissistic leader and natural born leader)

From that, Jongwha gave an idea of Korean half myth, half history that an ancient King who founded one of ancient kingdoms in Korea was born from an egg, and we found it as a perfect metaphor to express the ‘Natural Born Leader’. Then I brought the biggest cocoon that I used for the design module as an egg shell (How perfect it is!). After our presentation, there was a discussion focusing on the ‘Myth’ factor of leader especially concerning Jesus. Well, it was emerged mainly because we brought the Korean myth into our play, and also gave Jesus as one of examples of natural born leaders. But the myth is used not only for natural born leaders but also for most leaders (mostly after they become a leader) to make people believe that they are ‘natural born leaders’. Personally, our play conveyed the essence of natural born leader concept, but we haven’t really delivered the attributes of this type of leader. But is it possible to define their attributes ( I think no… it can differ depending on different situations)? Are there real natural born leaders without any myth making about them? Then how can you judge that they are natural born leader?

Well, then we had a discussion about leadership with 2 oranges…….. To be honest, I couldn’t really get the point. what is the relationship between 2 oranges or dropping oranges randomly and leadership or creative leadership? Does the definition of creative leadership have to be different from the definition of conventional leadership?  I couldn’t follow all ‘narrative’ there but about an issue of leadership as a science, I remember having thought that this research area is basically based on empirical research as far as I understand, so the behavior or attributes of good leaders have been analysed then they were grouped into different criteria. But if you ask if we can apply these criteria to explain all kinds of leadership out there inversely, the answer should be no. There are always exceptions, but can you then say that these criteria are useless or wrong? no… Well, I’m asking these questions maybe because I like to remain neutral about any kinds of issues, but yeah… sometimes you have to go extreme for the sake of creativity…?


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