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20 Feb – 25 Feb Work in progress

Last week was pretty much of business project week. How many hours? pffff can’t count… I spent 4 days fully dedicating on business project…

20 Feb. Saturday : taking pictures & video of shops in Norbiton / Borough Market, Meeting with pinar

21 Feb. Sunday : Blog posting, contents making

22 Feb. Monday : morning – field research in Kingston (taking pictures & videos of shops in Kingston), afternoon – making contents (selecting pictures and writing reviews)

24 Feb. Wednesday : went to Marketing Forum (TFM) with Pinar & Seb

25 Feb. Thursday : Team meeting at 3 at Southbank till 6 / Contents making around Southbank centre from 6-9 / Uploading contents on our website 10-2am

I just realised that making contents needs a lot of time and efforts as well as ‘Money’ as I have to try by myself to write a reliable review! But it’s been quite fun, and it’s good to see our website with more and more contents from all of our team members. Great! 🙂


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