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1 Mar. – 11 Mar. addicted to

Honestly, for last 2 weeks, I’ve been obsessed with this website doing nothing else (completely forgetting about miguel’s essay, smell project of my design module, my own blog updates and even food…damn!) But it’s been such a pleasure to see the progress that our team is making, and wanted to contribute as much as possible, and it’s never enough. Now we have 44 published posts, and 19 drafts. We’ve been visiting shops, talking to people, and give our biz cards away. OK let’s make some points.

1 Mar. Yvonne found a shop to sponsor our competition by offering a lovely panda bag! Well done Yvonne!

2 Mar. Team meeting (11am-7pm)
– Filming for our ad
– Visiting our ‘sponsor shop’ to thank and to take more pictures! (Thank you ‘Octopus’!)
– Lunch at Kingston Mill for our website updates
– Working at Woody’s for our website updates, and website design with Pinar

3. Mar. Working at Woody’s again (2pm-8pm)
Talked with the manager and showed our website post of the bar. He really appreciated that

4. Mar. Working at Kingston Hill all day (9.30am-6pm)
Had meeting with Catherine in the morning, then again work, work, work!

Well, then I got sick and couldn’t go to school on Friday…. and then lost my wallet again on saturday…it’s a bit stupid but anyway, we’ve achieved quite a lot of things for this last 2 weeks.

Website updates
44 posts, 19 drafts, & a lot more to come!


Our first ad by Seb


Our business card


Passport2guides exclusive Kingston Town guide map!
(more detailed shop guide map to come later)


Our competition poster


hopefully final?


Our competition prize
– Panda bag
– Free meal voucher at Korean restaurant ‘Phoenix’, Raynes park (Thank you Cristina!)
– (TBC) Discount voucher from KAI’s kitchen


Visit our website and be our fan on facebook!!/pages/Passport2guidescom/357716367021?ref=ts


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One Response

  1. Corrine says:

    I wanted to leave a comment about the video to the whole team, but thought it would be better to leave it here Gin, can you pass on this info to the rest of the team?

    I think this video is beautiful to look at. It really captures the feeling of mystery and confusion: not knowing where to look but wanting to explore and discover. Now that you’ve got the gorgeous site up and running, it’s time to introduce your solution to this confusion and desire to explore: passport2guides. Find a way to weave in the service into a story, show the website, the map, etc. perhaps starting with that confusion style you have now, that then moves into a sense of clarity? The problem is illustrated well, but the solution is invisible at this point. 🙂

    Also pick a song that means something, the lyrics and message don’t really match up.

    Looking forward to seeing your next version, will be watching the blogs!

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