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a journey to happiness

Sensory Alarm Clock

Alarm clock is one of the oldest and the most typical products representing the modern urban life. This tiny object or waking-up function itself absorbed in different forms – mobile phone, radio or even the laptop- cristalise the fate of modern people having to wake up against what their body wants and the clock of the nature. You hate it but you can’t avoid it to survive in busy urban life.

The aim of ‘Glorious morning’ project is to bring the first, hence the most important activity of the day – or the first obstacle of the day for some – waking up in the morning, on the table, analyse and explore how we can wake up more pleasantly, naturally yet effectively. This project is exploring possibilities on both sound and smell to bring ‘Glorious morning’ to numerous people struggling to wake up in every morning including me!

Some pages from the final report <Click to view the large image>

idea 1| sensory wake up


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