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Sense Exhibition

Sense Exhibition that made my January so busy.

Sense Exhibition : Smell me (Thank you Corrine for the good feedback)

Process journey

Since the new term started, we got 3 weeks to prepare the exhibition from concept development  to execution as well as the final documentation. I was in charge of finalising the document (editing on Indesign, the most tedious part…) and also doing the coordination throughout this period while making lots of cocoons as well. By consequence, I physically haven’t had time to spend on our business project that I feel so sorry to the rest of team members…and also for myself. But hopefully february will be the business project month and will get it done!

Otherwise, the exhibition was quite successful, and I really appreciate Corrine and Maces for coming to see it!


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OMG It’s been so long!

Yes…it’s been so long that I haven’t updated my blog….and I haven’t realised that it’s been THIS long….(sigh)
But now I have to test my  memory to track 3 months back….(sigh again..) but it can be fun!! yupi~! (positive thinking)

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No, no thank you

To be honest, I hate interviewing people. Talking with strangers is something I wasn’t born with. When I was young, I couldn’t even call for chinese delivery food. When I just started working, the most difficult thing was to talk on the phone with clients or anyone. I was forced to overcome this while working as a project coordinator who’s supposed to talk a lot, a lot, a lot with people. Then I quit my job, and I was truly happy that my phone wasn’t ringing any more. The reason why I’m talking this irrelevant story is to tell that it needed a lot of courage to interview all those people I met in Kingston hill & Knights park.

While developing our idea of Kingston guide, I realised that I need to talk to people, but interviewing people was one thing I really wanted to avoid. Anyway, I did, and now I’m proud of myself. Luckily I met a lot of my friends, and I could interview some random people as well (who actually asked me if they can film me for their project, then I filmed them =). I really want to thank all of my friends and other kingston students for happily being taped, and answering questions. Also I’m happy that I feel a little more confident about interviewing people especially in english and I feel more familiar with video editing software thanks to this course, even though it took me 6 hours for this 1 min video. I would never be bothered doing this if I didn’t take MACE course.

Also, I want to thank mace mates for laughing after ‘no, thank you’ which is the best part of the video, I think. I want to make a guide that can even convince him to buy!

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‘Be nice to a girl, Buy her a ring’ by ted noten


This Project seems to me such a nice project which implies social context – transform the former prostitutes’ cribs to a jewellery  workshop – by installing ‘a ring vending machine at the entrance, and it makes people happy by spending just a small amount of money while delivering a strong social message.

image © designboom

at oudekerksplein 4,  atelier ted noten is participating in red light design – a cooperation between droog design, the city of amsterdam and jewellery designers in order to transform the former prostitutes’ cribs into jewellery workshops.
atelier ted noten has installed a snack machine with red rings in which you can ‘be nice to a girl and buy her a ring!’

image © designboom

image © designboom

image © designboom

image © designboom

image courtesy atelier ted noten

image courtesy atelier ted note

image © designboom

image courtesy atelier ted noten

image courtesy atelier ted noten

atelier ted noten uses the house as an art-in-residence place.
the vending machine with the red rings is installed in the entry door.

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Picture 2

Nothing – recently found ad company. cool office solely made of cardboard.



Picture 6

5.5 designers – funky french designers



Picture 4

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec – the next generation Philip Starck



Picture 5

Stefan Diez – the next generation Konstantin Grcic


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About me

I like everything that makes me happy.

  • food – I’m passionate about food. I love cooking, tasting, having dining experience in different places
  • nice but not exaggerated design
  • Reasonable price – Even though I’m designer, I don’t want to take advantage of design only to make more profit, because I’m also consumer in the consumerism society that you can’t avoid! (a little bit of contradiction here, I admit it)
  • Fairtrade & Sustainability
  • People, Interaction, Communication

I’m good at

  • Visualisation in 2D & 3D, especially for presentation
  • Making prototypes
  • Logical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Group Work – open minded, collaborative, responsible
  • smiling =)

You can have a look at my portfolio if you want.

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Last minute rush

I just started my blog today.

I know I’m late, and it’s totally my fault, but I might be able to give some excuses…

– no internet at home

It was supposed to work from this week, but it is still not working! (Now I’m in my friend’s house.) I’ve never been so desperate for internet in my whole life. Especially when you’re from a far east country where everything is really quick. If you apply for internet in Korea, it’s done in 2 hours just after you call them.

– quite busy with London Design Festival last week, and busy setting up my room this week.

London Design festival was quite cool, but after a whole week of seeing all those fancy stuff, I was a little bit fed up. (I’m going to upload a post about this soon). Then at the end of last week, (after a big party at Shoreditch, more precisely) I lost my purse. I literally lost every means of paying – cash, debit card, credit card, Korean debit card, oyster card and also student card… So it took me quite a time to try to find my purse – going to garage in Tottenham, calling them, then finally I gave up, stopped cards, and applied for new ones. I also needed to sort out things to set up my room as I have such a tiny room, and I’ve got no furniture to organise my stuff. (But I could finally finish doing it!)

Anyway, I’m happy that I started doing it, and I’d like to keep this momentum from now on because hopefully I’ll have internet access from tomorrow…?


bookshelf with perfect size I’ve been looking for for ages, and I found it at Wickes yesterday (only 12 pounds).


mini vases I bought at V&A last week. The last purchase with my debit card.

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