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week #1 Shoes

| Questions |

Why did you wear these shoes today?

What do you like about them?

What do you dislike about them?

How much walking do you do?

Do you choose shoes for style or function?

We asked these 5 questions to 21 students. Before asking questions, we compromised each members questions.
The result was quite similar and it seemed obvious.

1. They chose their shoes because they are ‘comfy’ – -> Shoes for school, not for the club.
2. They care for ‘Style’ rather than function –> 20 students were girls out of 21 subjects.

| Reflection |

This task was exciting yet frustrating experience for me.

It was not easy to talk to strangers especially when you are non-native speaker, and even for native speakers as well. I was a little nervous, frustrated, and embarrassed at first, but students were all very cooperative, especially the girl with ‘Pocahontas shoes’. I think our team focused on ‘Quantity’ than quality not because we intended to do so, but because we didn’t want to bother students for long time. The other reason for this was their answers were quite simple and obvious. It was hard to draw out in-depth insights from them through this quick and sudden interview.

I think that it might have helped us if we took a little bit of time to watch people’s shoes on the street before approaching them. Also it seemed for me that the questions could be varied depending on the person, for example, we can focus on color, material, style or function depending on the shoes and the person. I think that our questions could cover breadth but not depth. ( General answers from general questions )


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